Google personnel preaching on the benefits of Google+.

Understanding The Importance Google+

To start out, I want to emphasize the importance of establishing Google+ is NOT another social media website. Google+ was not created to compete with Facebook or other social media … Continue Reading →

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Are you freaking kidding me? Problems in SEO

Last night I attended a local networking event where a panel of “experts” discussed the importance of social media to SEO.  What I could not believe was the large amount … Continue Reading →

Meme Monday - Most Interesting Man in the World

Stay Thirsty My SEO friends!

Saw this today on Search Engine Journals: Matt Cutts Meme Monday (yes I know it is Wednesday!) and had to share!

The gap between marketing and SEO needs to be bridged.

SEO Isn’t Marketing?

I will start off by saying that I am new as an SEO.  I don’t know all the inter-workings of all the optimizations that can ever occur, but I was … Continue Reading →